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Trick To Play Farmville Express on your Computer Without iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android Phone

Posted by DIY Tech Sunday, December 2, 2012

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FarmVille Legends! Recently we carried out a post on how to use the mobile version of the game, FarmVille Express, to plant certain locked crops which required seeds, and were hard to obtain via regular gameplay. Well, how good would it be if you could simply use Farmville Express on your regular computer, instead of your mobile? Well, there is a simple way to do this, and this is called as User-agent switching, which basically means making the browser believe it is some other platform. Like, making your Chrome believe it is actually running on an Android based smartphone… Sounds too technical? Well, browser plugins have been coming to the rescue in such cases and simplifying things beyond imagination… We are going to discuss one such plugin here…
Farmville Express
Note: There might be other plugins too, but we are only listing the ones that we have tested and found to work successfully for our use… Also, you can use the User-agent setting to check out mobile versions of other site too, like Facebook, and such…

Google Chrome users can just install this plugin, called as the User-Agent Switcher for Chrome, and then it’s all simple ahead… Click here to go to the Chrome Web store app, and click on add to Chrome.
Once installed, you will possibly find the tool in the top right of the browser, beside the address bar…
Click the new button, and you will get a menu… Select the agent of your choice… In this case, we will select either iOS or Android, as they both will work good, being mobile versions… That’s it… Now you can just type ‘’ (without the inverts of course), and it will lead you to Farmville Express, just like on your phone… Was that not simple? Well, to change back, just select Chrome option again and it will be back to normal…
The same directions will also work for Chrome based browsers like Comodo Dragon and such…

Mozilla Firefox users need (and those using similar browsers) not worry, as they have their own version of the User-agent switcher too… Open Firefox and click on this link in Firefox to take you to the User Agent RG plugin… Click on Add to Firefox button, and allow install when asked… Done… You will find the User agent settings under Tools menu… For those of you that have new Firefox versions and hence not able to see the menus by default, you can just click the ‘Alt’ key, and the menus will appear on top of the browser…
The instruction choosing the right agent are the same as in the above mentioned Chrome version of the plugin…
Currently, there are no alternatives for Internet Explorer as we understand, but if you have any better ideas, please contact us and let us know… Hope this helps… We will be also carrying on small series of articles on how to use Farmville Express to your benefit. Check them out later for sure,

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