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FarmVille 10th December, 2012 Limited Edition Mystery Game & Raffle Booth Prizes!

Posted by DIY Tech Sunday, December 9, 2012

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FarmVille 10th December, 2012 Limited Edition Mystery Game & Raffle Booth Prizes
The FarmVille Mystery Game and Raffle booth has been restocked on Monday 10th of December, 2012. This week’s Limited Edition Mystery Game is features Stylish Themed Animals.
This week’s Mystery Game costs 20 Farm Cash per Mystery Dart. As always, you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all prizes featured in the Mystery Game so you should play at your own risk. When you play and win all six regular prizes, you will receive a free Bonus Prize. This week’s Bonus Prize is the Stylishstrich.

FarmVille Limited Edition Mystery Game (Released: December 10, 2012)
  • FarmVille 10.12.2012 Mystery Game – 20 Farm Cash 
Note: images will appear when this mystery game goes live in the game.

The Mystery Game this week has been stocked with some Stylish Themed Animals... Costs 20 FC per dart to play...

Rare Rare Uncommon Uncommon Common Common Bonus
FarmVille Stud Horse FarmVille Diva Pony FarmVille Kewl Dragon FarmVille Prom Chick FarmVille Rainbow Poodle FarmVille Jewel Cat FarmVille Stylishstrich
Stud Horse Diva Pony Kewl Dragon Prom Chick Rainbow Poodle Jewel Cat Stylishstrich

The Raffle Booth will be changing for the prizes this week… Below are the expected prizes for the Raffle Booth this week

Odds 1:500 Odds 1:200 Odds 1:50 Odds 1:20 Odds 1:5
consume_farm_hands socialplumbingmysterygift
Book of XP 1 Unwither Farmhands X3 Watering Cans X5 Special Delivery x25
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