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FarmVille Survey Hints At Possible Upcoming Themes Via Survey

Posted by DIY Tech Friday, February 24, 2012

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FarmVille Fashion Cow - FvLegends.Com
FarmVille Fashion Cow
There’s a survey circulating where FarmVille is asking your feedback for possible upcoming themes. what theme you would like to see next! The options according to the survey is the High Fashion Theme, Greek Theme, English Garden Theme, Japanese Garden Theme, Earth Day Theme and the Spring Theme. Well To be honest, all of these themes have been done in the past to one degree or another. But regardless, what ever shows up as a new theme, expect every horse, cow and chicken to be driven into the ground with wings, flowers or whatever they come up with. Anyways that's all for now! at-least Zynga is asking their players for something! hope they will listen their players and fixes game issues first lol ;)
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FarmVille Earth Day Theme - FvLegends.Com
FarmVille Earth Day Theme
FarmVille Greek Theme - FvLegends.Com
FarmVille Greek Theme
FarmVille Japanese Garden Theme - FvLegends.Com
FarmVille Japanese Garden Theme
FarmVille High Fashion Theme - FvLegends.Com
FarmVille High Fashion Theme
FarmVille English Garden Theme - FvLegends.Com
FarmVille English Garden Theme
FarmVille Spring Theme - FvLegends.Com
FarmVille Spring Theme

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